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Tactical Teaching Writing

Do you want your students to be able to confidently and accurately express what they know in your content area?

Do you want students to have a broad skill set to be able to write well for many purposes and settings?

Do you need support in helping them become more competent writers?



Tactical Teaching Writing

Writing is the most visible and perhaps complex of all school-based and real-world literacies. As an essential life skill, students need to be able to write well to learn content, demonstrate what they have learned, and prepare for life after school. Each of the three highly practical Tactical Teaching Writing workshops addresses a different challenge for supporting students to effectively create texts for purpose and audience in all learning areas. Each workshop also provides support for students to progress their competence with the conventions and mechanics of writing. 

Content area teachers can select from more than 50 powerful and flexible activities to help them meet their curriculum requirements as they support student writing development. 

Recommended for:

  • Crafted for middle school and secondary teachers
  • Effectively supports teachers of late primary students and adult learners to improve writing.

Contact us to ask about prices for your area. 

Take a Teacher Course and learn how to use the resource in your classroom, or better yet, take a Facilitator Course and learn to deliver the workshops to other teachers. 



Workshop 1: Why and How to Write Matters: Understanding the Writing Process

This workshop explores the research on learner writing and walks participants through easy-to-use activities to support students in applying the writing process, building transferable competence and precision. Learn how to help students generate the right ideas before writing, organise their thoughts, work collaboratively and edit their work. This workshop also explores spelling as a particular priority.



Workshop 2: What to Write Matters: Exploring Text Forms 

As students progress in school they are required to create increasingly sophisticated texts. This workshop provides teachers with the tools to support students to understand the components of many text forms, both digital and paper-based. Through flexible activities, students learn to produce texts to achieve their purpose. link ideas and apply appropriate language. Specific activities support vocabulary expansion and paragraph writing.  



Workshop 3: When Writing Matters: Writing to Demonstrate Learning

Students regularly write for social purposes but may struggle to adapt their writing for academic contexts. This workshop shows teachers how to help students embed effective practices for school-world writing, in particular, writing to learn and writing to demonstrate their learning. Support students to attack assessment prompts to both demonstrate what they know and to write with confidence. Specific activities support students to vary sentence length and structure and writing expanded text pieces.  

Tactical Teaching Writing contains more than 50 powerful and flexible activities that can be used over and over in your lessons with the writing tasks you already require of students.



The Tactical Teaching suite:

Tactical Teaching is based on the belief that teachers need to make decisions about what to teach (the learning area), to whom (which students), and how (the most effective way) to teach. Its power comes from helping students construct their understandings through developing effective processes and strategies to self-manage their learning.

Tactical Teaching training is a whole school approach to improved literacy. It is easy to use and teachers learn how to help students hone literacy skills while invigorating classes with student-focused tasks. Participants try out at least a dozen practical activities to take straight back to the classroom.

Tactical Teaching training is used in thousands of classrooms worldwide with more than 600 teachers trained as Facilitators of Tactical Teaching.


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Online Training now available

Online Training now available

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We are expanding

We are expanding

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